Changelog december ’21

v1.4.5 changelog
– Introduction Timeout Slash command:
After Discord copying our Slowmode command, it decided to copy our punish command too!
Very great! It’s now incorporated into slash commands, which makes it possible to use any duration you want with a max of 10 days.

– Remove private channel with slash command
– Remove prefix option from settings

– Privacy Policy created:

Changelog november

There’s been a few bugs that come with the new update. Here’s a changelog of the fixes:


Caching bugs


Fix Prune:
small big fix for prune where it would get stuck on thinking or interaction failed. This happened because there were no messages found. Proper reply is now set.


Fix Channel create:
Bug that made the bot respond with Error: Invalid Form Body parent_id: Not a category which prevented channels from being created without private_channel_category settings set. Now fixed to create a personal category like it should

Slash commands

Maxminded is now finally fully transferred comfort the new Slash Commands standards. Yeey! That, together with a few othe minor changes, bring the bot to a clean new release!

It’s been  rough little journey, having to convert all the commands, but it’s finally here! The new slash commands is now fully integrated in Maxminded. No more need to hassle with the help page, since slash commands give so much more assistance now!


I would like to thank my testers and the people who keep suggestion and bring up new ideas!

Now for the change log:

–  Maxminded Invite now allows to register Slash Commands

– /upgrade trial: no longer able to indefinitely use it

– /slowmode improvements

– Remove obsolete `prefix` setting

– Channel settings option
–Set a subcategory for where to create channels created with /channel create with:
/settings edit key:private_channel_category value:1234

– Server overview hotfix

– Role adding and removing improved

– Logging improved: leaving members are now shown with username#1234 instead of tags


Premium release

Thank you everyone for your patience, I’ve been going through the suggestions and working hard for the next big update. Please let me know what you think of it!

– Premium Bot Boost
Finally the premium system is finished. You can now let your members boost your server to reach a Premium level that everyone can enjoy!

take a look at the command


More info about it here:

– Trial
No more annoying voting to activate your Trial period. Just activate it with:

/boost trial

Trial gives full access to all features for a limited time so you can try everything out for free!

– Profanity Filter:
No longer displays the profanity filter in the chat. This is now only shown in the advanced logs.

– Bot support mode:
You can now activate bot support mode, giving my bot support members full admin permissions so they can help you solve your problems in a heart-beat!

By default this is turned off. To turn it on:

/set edit support_mode true

(Use this at your own risk)

*New Staff applications are opening soon, stay tuned.*

april updates

– Channel command:
Smoother channel creation.
Deletion bug fix.
Improved confirmation messages and full logging support.

– Prune command:
Further error message improvements and small bug fix

Vote for my bot and leave a review:

march update en releases

First of all: thank you for all the votes and reviews on my bot! you guys made it possible to surpass over 1000 votes last month and this month over 700 votes already!

I’m working hard on a premium system behind to scenes, so stay tuned, if you want to support me as a developer.

– New prune progress status:
When deleting old messages, the deletion will be more smooth and you’ll be able to see how long it will take to finish your prune queue!

– Small bug fixes

Thank you for 1000+ votes so far this month!

– Bot status
Now periodically resets the status because it kept disappearing for some unknown reason.

– Bot staff premium
Bot staff has full access (premium pre-update)

– Small bot config changes and bug fixes

Coming soon:
Bot Support mode:
Will give admin access to bot support staff members (assigned by @Max O. ) once it’s turned on.

febuari updates and releases

– New message cleaning (prune) reply feature.
You can now pick your starting point when pruning. This is done be replying to the message under the messages you want removed. This is very handy for clearing specific parts of your chat. This also supports user specific deletion, which is recommended to prevent unwanted pruning.

See here for an example. When you want to delete the red messages, reply to the blue one and just type /prune x how you would normally.

– You can now also use user id for user specific pruning.
/prune 2 286453881649758210

– Pruning no longer defaults to no user when the mention was failed to be found due to cache error.

– Fix confirm message prune
Wouldn’t display correct delete count when deleting 100+ messages.


– Settings are successfully reset and will now be saved more efficiently to improve performance.

– Raffle disabled
To avoid confusion. It’s not finished but some commands were enabled.

– Bot is migrated to a new host and now running on a 3-node Docker Swarm with 3 shards.

– Prune now bypasses pinned messages :fireworks:


– Settings bug for new guilds
Setting new permissions or nuke channels would not work when there were no settings initiated beforehand. Now it automatically initiates when needed.

– Auto nuke
Warns you when a channel failed nuke when you have logging enabled and removes it from the settings.
No longer stops when 1 channel fails and continues trying to nuke the rest of the list instead.

IMPORTANT: Voting testing phase
– TopGG implementation.

A new voting-trial feature will be active for testing. Some commands may require you to vote to unlock.
Voting for this bot will unlock all features for 12 hours. Then you need to revote.

This includes the following commands:
– Channel
– Nuke
– Prune

– /server command to view basic information.

– Bot now periodically updates server count

– Bot now warns you when you don’t have enough permissions to perform a commando in said channel. (more proactive than before)

– Minor bug fixes and devops improvements

New release and januari updates

– Prune command
Remove up to 500 messages by executing a single command, either from all the most recent messages or from a specific user.


More info:


– channel nuke parent sync fix
Will no longer automatically sync with parent if it wasn’t synced with it before nuking. This will keep permissions intact.

– Channel help category fix
Little fix in /help command

– Sync member tag
Reply with error when member not found.

– Auth bug fix
Authorization declined all permissions for slowmode, channel, nuke regardless of actual configured permissions due to the wrong permission flag used when checking for discord permissions.

– added role support for private channels (tag and id)
/channel add @VIP

– id support for channels for adding/removing members and roles
/channel remove 306766581592096769

– channel tag support for channel command
/channel delete #mcdefaults-text-channel

More info about channel command here:


– bug fix for creating voice channel
/channel create voice

If you want something changed or added: #💡|suggestions
If you find bugs let me know in: #🦟|bug-inquiries(edited)

– Nuke will have correct error message when trying to delete a community rules channel
– Nuke will now work when the maximum sub categories (50) are reached.

– Configuration documentation update
/set command is finally fully documented. Including all values and what they do.


– Bot sends owner a message with useful information about the bot upon adding the bot.(edited)

– Logging
Updated and added logging for nuke, punish, set, filter and members entering/leaving guild

How to enable and everything about logging:


– Filter improvements
Members with Moderator level or filterbypass persmission are ignored by the filter.

New type for /set edit filter_type


January 28, 2021

– Saturday 12:00 UTC guild settings will be reset during a shot maintenance period. Make sure to /set view before that time you can quickly put them back

If you have a lot of settings like nuke channels that would take long to retype, let me know and I will do it for you.(edited)
January 31, 2021

Please vote for my bot:

New release @everyone

New release @everyone

– Slowmode disable command /slowmode 0 or /slowmode off
– Slowmode reply messages improved (including logging)
– Fix for role view command

– Added process that periodically syncs small differences.
Cap is currently set at 30 unsynced members. Guilds with a larger number will be spikked and must use the /sync command themselves in order to synchronize.

– sync fix when there’s no default role configured.

newly updated documentation: @everyone

configuration got updated:


permission authorization updated:


Commands updated:


New release

-Slowmode command
Activate slowmode with custom interval time between 1 second and 6 hours on any channel.
Including support for logging.

/slowmode <1h>

interval (optional) works in the same way as with the punish command. Default value is 5 seconds.
channel (optional) works with channel tags or ids Default value is current channel.

Permissions needed: slowmode or level Moderator.

– Invite command to show the Maxminded webpage

– Fix for unpunish conflict between different shards.
– auto nuke bug fixes