Hi @everyone ,

Sorry that you’re experience isn’t going smoothly for the last week. I have decided I can’t be maintaining the bot anymore, at least for a while.

I am very thankful to the people who have cheered me on and send nice and thankful message to me and to the people who stood by the work of Maxminded by being a supporter on Patreon. This is what made me keep going and this is what made it possible. Thank you Stanley, you know who are you.

We have had thousands of users use the bot on a daily basis and I can’t think of a better compliment than that.

It does me good that , at least, it was possible to fix the bot with all its rigorous coding from when I first started coding to something solid, with advanced devops, where I could implement my skills I took on from the university. Maxminded was a great outlet for me during the Covid-pandemic, which gave me the means of staying active, in such a down period. Maxminded has had its ups and down, and, I can’t deny it wasn’t fun implementing everything to make the Maxminded bot work as it finally did.

This is why it hurts me to tell it is coming to an end. My Maxminded has become more than a burden than a help for me. Both because there’s limited support on Patreon, and I feel like there isn’t much to expand the project on, since we all know, Discord is basically making bots, even how slowly, absolute, by adding all these features most bot offer, into Discord app itself. I feel like my bot project has come to an conclusion. It’s all but a financial burden, and anything else. I don’t really see any reason on keeping it up anymore, for at least in the near future. I may change my mind again later.

I’m going to focus on other projects regarding Philosophy as a student this year and focus less on Security Software Engineering. Next year, I will be focusing on internships and graduation.

Kind regards,


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