This bot allows you to use many useful commands. Fully control who's able to use which command with quick permission set ups. Some roles have automatically permission for some commands based on their Discord role permissions.

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The set-up takes just minutes with our well-explained documentation. Quickly setup commando permissions, welcome messages, an auto-assigned role and softban features in a matter of minutes. Everything is optional, so no need to hassle, if you don't want to use a feature.

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No more need to manually delete massages. No more need to hassle when trying to do giveaways. No more need to manually remove penalties. Everything is automated with this bot. Keep your chat clean with chat cleaning, softbanning and other moderation tools.

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Start raffles! With an automated winner picker, double entries checker , re rolls and much more!

Profanity filter

Set up a filter to prevent users from using certain words. Also supports the prevention of posting invite links. Add any word or sentence. There's also the possibility to allow roles to bypass the filter.

Timed softbans

Timed soft bans to stop users from talking for limited time! Simply type in who to punish for how long, and the bot will do the rest.

Chat slowmode
Limit your users to sending only one message every x seconds.
Quick message cleaner

Remove up to 500 messages by executing only a single command, either start from the most recent message or delete messages older in history by setting a starting_point parameter. You can remove user specific messages, messages older than 2 weeks and best of all: skip pinned messages.


Channel nuke

Completely wipe channels messages, permissions, invites and webhooks. Assign certain channels to be nuked on a daily basis.

Permission management

Easily customize what commands every role can perform. Manage bypass roles, admin roles and permission groups! Works great with integrating discord permissions already assigned to existing roles.


Set up a global welcome notifications when new users join your server. Automatically assign default roles with plenty configuration possibilities.

Ban and kick

Convenient ban and kick commands with success messages, reasoning and logging.

Private channels

Allow your users to create their own private channels. Channel creators select who can access their channel on the fly.


Give someone kudo's once every 24 hours. See howmany kudo's you've received.

Easy Embedding

Quickly turn your text into a neat looking embed. Now with embedp for advanced embedding supporting custom fields, titles, colors and much more!


Do you have any suggestions, questions or recommendations?
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Feel free to contact me at any time by joining my official discord guild.

Make sure to check out the documentation to find out all commands, how to set everything up and to take a sneak peak into new features.