Software Engineer

My passion:
With the purpose of making an discord admin's life easy, I developed an all-in-one Discord Bot. Starting my program, all coded in one singe file, with over 10000 lines, running it directly on a linux machine, I've developed it to a collection of microservice applications, running on a Docker Swarm. As my knowledge of Software Engineering developed itself, so did my discord bot. It was my personal project I kept working on during the full duration of my edutation, applying everything I learned in my studies and more directly in practice, starting from the period I worked on my appliction developer diploma at ROC Leiden right up to the point of now, where I'm working on graduating my Software Engineering study program at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden.

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Angular 13+
Docker (Swarm)

About me

So you're interested about Max? Well, you're on the right place for that. Max started programming in 2014 as a application developer student. With the basic programming skills he learned there, Max aimed to further develop his skills in all sorts of programming skills. From a larevel framework to android applications and much more. Interested about his full story? Read on:

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