march update en releases

First of all: thank you for all the votes and reviews on my bot! you guys made it possible to surpass over 1000 votes last month and this month over 700 votes already!

I’m working hard on a premium system behind to scenes, so stay tuned, if you want to support me as a developer.

– New prune progress status:
When deleting old messages, the deletion will be more smooth and you’ll be able to see how long it will take to finish your prune queue!

– Small bug fixes

Thank you for 1000+ votes so far this month!

– Bot status
Now periodically resets the status because it kept disappearing for some unknown reason.

– Bot staff premium
Bot staff has full access (premium pre-update)

– Small bot config changes and bug fixes

Coming soon:
Bot Support mode:
Will give admin access to bot support staff members (assigned by @Max O. ) once it’s turned on.

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