Fully Docker supported Example Bot

For the lack of good examples on the internet I've made this Git Repo for my own example bot. With this description I try to make as little as possible need for experience.

This is an example application that makes it possible to create a fully Docker supported Discord Bot that runs in shards. You can run this application in multiple ways:
- Local development without Docker
- Local develepment with Docker Compose
- Docker CLI Run
- Run with Docker Compose
- Run with Docker Swarm Stack
- Run all shards in one service
- Spread or split shards over multiple services

You can also create your own Docker image using Docker CLI or Docker compose.

It's all documented in this github repo.

This project provides a microservice that updates your TopGG statistics on an hourly basis.
Sharding is supported. It's possible to run all shards (one or multiple) on one service or
make each shard run on its own service
(see README).

This project uses Docker, DiscordJS and TopGG and more.

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