Premium help (beta)


Premium level Trial can be activated with the trial command and will be completely free of charge. Trial level gives access to ALL levels for a limited time so you can see if you like the service first!

/upgrade trial

Bot Boosting

The Maxminded Discord Bot now works with a boost system simular to server boosting in Discord. Different boost counts allow you to reach different Premium Levels on your favorite servers.

Whether you're a server owner or a newly joined member, you can buy Bot Boosts from Patreon. Once subscribed, boosts can be spend on one or more of your favorite Discord servers. Once added, Bot Boosts will be automatically applied every month and expire when you cancel your subscription or reset your boosts.

scroll down for the command help

Make sure to link your discord account before purchasing.

Premium levels:

  • Free (0): 0 boosts
  • Silver (1): 1 boost
  • Gold (2): 4 boosts
  • Platinum (3): 20 boosts
  • Trial (4): Free

Each level has the perks from the previous levels and the perks from its own level(?).






  • Help
  • Ping
  • Invite
  • MyLevel
  • Role
  • Server
  • Upgrade
  • Profanity Filter
  • Channel
  • Embed
  • Prune
  • Nuke blast
  • Slowmode
  • Sync
  • Punish
  • Configuration


  • Custom features


  • Advanced log
  • Anti-Raid(?)
  • Daily Nuke
  • Everything

Staff members get personal Staff level (5) that exeeds Platinum.

(?) Subject to change or tba

Command usage

Manage your boosts en premium levels on the current Discord server.


View upgrade data.

upgrade view

Activate trial period for free.

upgrade trial

Add a boost to the current server. Wait for the prompt and type in your number.

upgrade add

Remove all boosts from the current server (*).

upgrade reset


boost, premium


level User