General configuration

Maxminded comes with lots of customization options. Manage how users get greeted, what happens when someone uses blacklisted words, where logs are registered and more. This chapter explains what each and every values has in store.

In order to get the most out of Maxminded it is of great importance to configure the bot upon adding it to your guild.

Getting IDs

Sometimes we refer to user IDs or channel IDs. Find out below how to get these IDs below:

View settings command help

To view all settings:

/set view

To edit a key

/set edit key value
key value description
prefix String Set the prefix value for every command.
welcome_status_channel Boolean Whether or not to send a welcome message in a channel.
welcome_status_pm Boolean Whether or not to send a welcome message to a new member
welcome_channel Channel id  
welcome_msg_channel String What is the welcome message supposed to include. Use {user} to mention the member.
welcome_msg_pm String What is the welcome message supposed to include. Use {user} to mention the member.
welcome_delay Coming soon  
role_type Number How are new members verified before being able to enter the guild.
0.       No action
1.       Always and instantly
2.      With delay (see role_delay)
3.       With password (Coming soon)
role_delay Number (0-30)  Add a delay to adding a role. This will add a delay in minutes.
role_msg Coming soon  
default_role Role id This role will be used as default role.
logging_enabled Boolean Should bot actions like punishment, nuke, slowmode, etc.  be logged into a channel?
logging_channel Channel id This channel will be used to send log messages in.
filter_type Number (0 - 4) When members use a blacklisted word the following action will be executed:
0.       No action
1.       Delete only if enabled
2.       Punish
3.       Kick
4.       Log only
filter_deletion Boolean Whether or not to delete the message when including a blacklisted word.
filter_punishment_duration Number How many minutes should someone be punished for using a blacklisted word.
filter_list Strings separated by a space  
nuke_status None Use /nuke command
nuke_list None Use /nuke command

Default assigned roles

Default role can be assigned to members upon joining to guild.

  1. create a new role (or use an existing one).
  2. Make sure the bot's role (Maxminded or you own bot role) is above this role in server settings.
  3. Execute the following command  to configure the role as default role. Use the role id as value.
    /set edit default_role 12345667
  4. Check the server overview to double check if it worked. The newly assisgned default role should be printed after the Default Role column
  5. Synchronize all members with this new role using with the following command:

All users will now be given this role. This may take a while depending on your user count.

The following features require default role to be set up correctly:

  • Punish
  • Profanityfilter (partly)

Set up permissions

Maxminded uses its own permission system. Most commands require you to have said permission or permission level in order to execure it.

More info about permissions and how to set them up for your commands:



The following actions will appear in the log channel:

  • Punish / unpunish
  • Settings edit
  • Slowmode
  • Nuke
  • Member join
  • Profanity filter

To enable logging execute the following commands:

/set edit logging_enabled true

Sets target channel for logging messages (required). Must have a channel id.

/set edit logging_channel <channel_id>


With punishing, you'll be able to temporarily restrict members from performing certain actions in your server. Think of sending messages, viewing messages, joining voice channels, etc.

It is very easy to set up punishments:

  1. Configure a default role
  2. Remove all permissions from all roles (including @everyone) that you want to restrict. (example: send messages permissions)
  3. Give your default role the permissions you just removed.
  4. Give your moderators and admins the permission you just removed so they can bypass punishments.