Slash commands

Maxminded is now finally fully transferred comfort the new Slash Commands standards. Yeey! That, together with a few othe minor changes, bring the bot to a clean new release!

It’s been  rough little journey, having to convert all the commands, but it’s finally here! The new slash commands is now fully integrated in Maxminded. No more need to hassle with the help page, since slash commands give so much more assistance now!


I would like to thank my testers and the people who keep suggestion and bring up new ideas!

Now for the change log:

–  Maxminded Invite now allows to register Slash Commands

– /upgrade trial: no longer able to indefinitely use it

– /slowmode improvements

– Remove obsolete `prefix` setting

– Channel settings option
–Set a subcategory for where to create channels created with /channel create with:
/settings edit key:private_channel_category value:1234

– Server overview hotfix

– Role adding and removing improved

– Logging improved: leaving members are now shown with username#1234 instead of tags