March update

Hi @everyone ,

I made a couple of changes to the bot. This is new.

– You can now add and remove users to your user channel from anywhere by specifying the channel name/id
/channel add @Maximus#4664 693467195350712430
/channel add @Maximus#4664 #maxen

– You can now configure a category where user channels are created by using the (category)channel id.
/config channelcategory 464835214280097825
View current category
/config channelcategory

– Role overview now considers Discord permissions like ADMIN, KICK, ETC in it’s overview instead of only the bot config.
/role @role

– Nuke blast is fixed

I’m considering removing the 24 hour cooldown too. Let me know what you think of that.
Many thanks for the feedback and let me know if you want any more changes. Hope you’ll enjoy.