A new beginning

Dear @everyone ,

3 Years ago I started experimenting with programming. I was bored in class so I dedicated my free time in class into learning coding. I Learned it the practical way by making this very bot. I got the chance to use my creativity to learn coding in a very practical way. I got all my information from the internet and started to gradually improve this bot. Ofcource, since I got all my information from the internet, I used mostly hacky and code you wouldn’t dare show your closest loved ones. I went from 10 users to 50 users to 500 users in almost no time. I never expected this to blow up so much. So you may guess the broken code quickly stopped working.

in 2018 I started as a software engineering student in the Netherlands. I was dedicated to learn how to correctly and professionally program. I started to learn how to correctly code big high performance applications the right way.

Since COVID was out, I had more spare time on my hands, so I decided to completely rewrite the bot based on guideBots ideas and improved on it. I made an API and made the client actually communicate with that instead of a JSON file like I did before to store my settings (lol I know) and connected everything within Docker.

So today will be the release of Maxminded 0.2. Maxminded 0.2 has a revamped architecture and also a new authentication system. but it doesn’t have all old features implemented it YET. Over the next few weeks, I will gradually convert the old features to the new Maxminded. I just could not wait to finish before releasing the new version. Make sure to check the newly revamped /help command in order to check out the current features.

Stay tuned for a full changelog.

Do note: settings have been reset.