Happy christmas

Happy christmas!

You can now follow this channel to receive updates in your own server.

New release
– daily nuke is now working (only tested on nuke every minute since I didn’t have time to wait a day :S)
– minor bug fix when the bot is added to a new guild
– minor bug fix when insufficient permissions to perform a command

Channel release and fixes

new release @everyone

– /sync is now working again
– You can now allow your members to create private channels aka rooms
When creating one, each room will be placed under its own category channel and will only be visable for the owner till he adds more members.
Users may create up to 4 rooms.
channel create [text | voice] create a new text or voice room
channel add @tag add a friend to your new room
channel remove @tag remove an enemy from your room
channel delete delete current or target room
help channel view channel help command

Permissions needed to perform this command: channel and/or premium

– Big performance improvements

A new beginning

Dear @everyone ,

3 Years ago I started experimenting with programming. I was bored in class so I dedicated my free time in class into learning coding. I Learned it the practical way by making this very bot. I got the chance to use my creativity to learn coding in a very practical way. I got all my information from the internet and started to gradually improve this bot. Ofcource, since I got all my information from the internet, I used mostly hacky and code you wouldn’t dare show your closest loved ones. I went from 10 users to 50 users to 500 users in almost no time. I never expected this to blow up so much. So you may guess the broken code quickly stopped working.

in 2018 I started as a software engineering student in the Netherlands. I was dedicated to learn how to correctly and professionally program. I started to learn how to correctly code big high performance applications the right way.

Since COVID was out, I had more spare time on my hands, so I decided to completely rewrite the bot based on guideBots ideas and improved on it. I made an API and made the client actually communicate with that instead of a JSON file like I did before to store my settings (lol I know) and connected everything within Docker.

So today will be the release of Maxminded 0.2. Maxminded 0.2 has a revamped architecture and also a new authentication system. but it doesn’t have all old features implemented it YET. Over the next few weeks, I will gradually convert the old features to the new Maxminded. I just could not wait to finish before releasing the new version. Make sure to check the newly revamped /help command in order to check out the current features.

Stay tuned for a full changelog.

Do note: settings have been reset.

March update

Hi @everyone ,

I made a couple of changes to the bot. This is new.

– You can now add and remove users to your user channel from anywhere by specifying the channel name/id
/channel add @Maximus#4664 693467195350712430
/channel add @Maximus#4664 #maxen

– You can now configure a category where user channels are created by using the (category)channel id.
/config channelcategory 464835214280097825
View current category
/config channelcategory

– Role overview now considers Discord permissions like ADMIN, KICK, ETC in it’s overview instead of only the bot config.
/role @role

– Nuke blast is fixed

I’m considering removing the 24 hour cooldown too. Let me know what you think of that.
Many thanks for the feedback and let me know if you want any more changes. Hope you’ll enjoy.