febuari updates and releases

– New message cleaning (prune) reply feature.
You can now pick your starting point when pruning. This is done be replying to the message under the messages you want removed. This is very handy for clearing specific parts of your chat. This also supports user specific deletion, which is recommended to prevent unwanted pruning.

See here for an example. When you want to delete the red messages, reply to the blue one and just type /prune x how you would normally.

– You can now also use user id for user specific pruning.
/prune 2 286453881649758210

– Pruning no longer defaults to no user when the mention was failed to be found due to cache error.

– Fix confirm message prune
Wouldn’t display correct delete count when deleting 100+ messages.


– Settings are successfully reset and will now be saved more efficiently to improve performance.

– Raffle disabled
To avoid confusion. It’s not finished but some commands were enabled.

– Bot is migrated to a new host and now running on a 3-node Docker Swarm with 3 shards.

– Prune now bypasses pinned messages :fireworks:


– Settings bug for new guilds
Setting new permissions or nuke channels would not work when there were no settings initiated beforehand. Now it automatically initiates when needed.

– Auto nuke
Warns you when a channel failed nuke when you have logging enabled and removes it from the settings.
No longer stops when 1 channel fails and continues trying to nuke the rest of the list instead.

IMPORTANT: Voting testing phase
– TopGG implementation.

A new voting-trial feature will be active for testing. Some commands may require you to vote to unlock.
Voting for this bot will unlock all features for 12 hours. Then you need to revote.

This includes the following commands:
– Channel
– Nuke
– Prune

– /server command to view basic information.

– Bot now periodically updates server count

– Bot now warns you when you don’t have enough permissions to perform a commando in said channel. (more proactive than before)

– Minor bug fixes and devops improvements

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