New release and januari updates

– Prune command
Remove up to 500 messages by executing a single command, either from all the most recent messages or from a specific user.


More info:


– channel nuke parent sync fix
Will no longer automatically sync with parent if it wasn’t synced with it before nuking. This will keep permissions intact.

– Channel help category fix
Little fix in /help command

– Sync member tag
Reply with error when member not found.

– Auth bug fix
Authorization declined all permissions for slowmode, channel, nuke regardless of actual configured permissions due to the wrong permission flag used when checking for discord permissions.

– added role support for private channels (tag and id)
/channel add @VIP

– id support for channels for adding/removing members and roles
/channel remove 306766581592096769

– channel tag support for channel command
/channel delete #mcdefaults-text-channel

More info about channel command here:


– bug fix for creating voice channel
/channel create voice

If you want something changed or added: #?|suggestions
If you find bugs let me know in: #?|bug-inquiries(edited)

– Nuke will have correct error message when trying to delete a community rules channel
– Nuke will now work when the maximum sub categories (50) are reached.

– Configuration documentation update
/set command is finally fully documented. Including all values and what they do.


– Bot sends owner a message with useful information about the bot upon adding the bot.(edited)

– Logging
Updated and added logging for nuke, punish, set, filter and members entering/leaving guild

How to enable and everything about logging:


– Filter improvements
Members with Moderator level or filterbypass persmission are ignored by the filter.

New type for /set edit filter_type


January 28, 2021

– Saturday 12:00 UTC guild settings will be reset during a shot maintenance period. Make sure to /set view before that time you can quickly put them back

If you have a lot of settings like nuke channels that would take long to retype, let me know and I will do it for you.(edited)
January 31, 2021

Please vote for my bot:

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