Thank you everyone for your patience, I’ve been going through the suggestions and working hard for the next big update. Please let me know what you think of it!

– Premium Bot Boost
Finally the premium system is finished. You can now let your members boost your server to reach a Premium level that everyone can enjoy!

take a look at the command


More info about it here:

– Trial
No more annoying voting to activate your Trial period. Just activate it with:

/boost trial

Trial gives full access to all features for a limited time so you can try everything out for free!

– Profanity Filter:
No longer displays the profanity filter in the chat. This is now only shown in the advanced logs.

– Bot support mode:
You can now activate bot support mode, giving my bot support members full admin permissions so they can help you solve your problems in a heart-beat!

By default this is turned off. To turn it on:

/set edit support_mode true

(Use this at your own risk)

*New Staff applications are opening soon, stay tuned.*

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