New year release

**Happy new year :fireworks: @everyone

New release:
– /punish is working now.

/punish add membertag 1d
/p remove membertag
May add support for member ids, if that’s wanted, later.

Punish will temporarily remove a configured role which makes it possible to mute or restrict someone for a set amount of time. The maximum time is 10 days and the minimum is 1 second (will take few seconds to process though).

Permissions needed: punish or level Moderator.

You can set the role with /set edit default_role

– Members who are punished and rejoin will not be given the default role to prevent punishment bypassing by rejoining.
– The /sync command skips members who are punished

– Profanity filter now supports punishing on activation.

Use /set edit filter_type 2 to activate this and use
/set edit filter_punishment_duration 10 to reconfigure punish duration (in minutes) from the profanity filter.

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